Admissions scandal sheds light on race/wealth inequalities

by Kelley Kaufmann, APRN-CNP, PMHNP-BC, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Center for Health Equity Engagement Education and Research

The recent college admissions scandal sheds more light on the inequalities of both race and wealth in getting higher education. Many seniors in high school are working hard to exceed expectations and maximize their chance of getting accepted to their dream colleges in a race that is getting ever more competitive. However, this scandal is disheartening to students who have given everything and now are faced with the reality that wealthy students are still getting a leg up through college/test prep courses, parents/coaches etc paying people off so their student gets in, and having the ability to pay for college without jumping through even more hurdles to get scholarships and grants. Now students are aware that maybe their best isn’t good enough because someone else was able to pay their way to the top.