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Below are studies that are either being conducted by the Center for Health Equity Engagement Education and Research or by an affiliate and are actively recruiting participants. Click on a flyer to learn more as well as any supporting links and downloads.

Patient Advocate

Self-Management and Resilience Trajectories in African American Adults with Hypertension

Social Determinants of Sleep Health and Cardiovascular Risk Among African American Family Caregivers

Youth Lens: Conceptualizations of the Neighborhood Environment & its impact on Health & Wellbeing

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CBRN Presentation

Cleveland Youth for Youth Participatory Action Research Project

Using mHealth to Improve Adherence and Reduce Blood Pressure in Individuals With Hypertension and Bipolar Disorder (iTAB-CV RCT)

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TEAM 2 (TargetEd MAnageMent Intervention) Reducing stroke risk in African-American Men

Background Information File
Peer Educator Information and Referral Instructions

Illness Severity and Treatment Effects on qEEG In Adolescent Depression (ENGINE)

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