Hotels for Hospitals and Homeless Shelters

By Maria Figueroa, Research Coordinator, Center for Health Equity Engagement Education and Research

As we continue to fight the coronavirus pandemic, some Ohio hotels are offering their empty rooms to hospitals and homeless shelters. The Coalition on Homelessness & Housing in Ohio and The Ohio Hotel & Lodging Association are working together to stop the spread of the coronavirus in Ohio. They have set up an online database of hotels who are willing to help the community. These hotels will be able to help in case there is a spike in patients to ease overflow in hospitals, to alleviate pressure at overcrowded shelters, and to offer rooms to healthcare workers and first responders who do not want to go home for fear of spreading the virus to their loved ones.

Health-care workers in Mayfield Heights line up to test Northeast Ohio residents for the coronavirus on March 16. Ohio hotels are offering their help during the pandemic to house workers, provide space for hospitals and shelter the homeless. (AP Photo/Tony Dejak) APAP

The Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless has already paid some hotels in downtown and the near westside of Cleveland $50 per room per night to give shelter to 50 homeless people in an effort to give them a safe place to sleep in and to keep them from getting exposed to the virus.

This world needs more acts of kindness like these. When I read articles like this, it inspires me to do more. Let’s be kind and continue to help one another