Are We Ready for the Reintegration to Normalcy?

By Elodie Nonguierma, Research Assistant, Center for Health Equity Engagement Education and Research

Governor DeWine  began to reopen the state of Ohio on May 1. This decision worries many Ohio residents and makes me wonder if we are letting the pressure from the higher ups dictate the decision, instead of health experts. Health experts tell us that staying home and keeping a safe distance from people if the best way to avoid the virus and minimize its spread. What’s alarming is that we are being asked to ignore these guidelines and go back to work, like nothing has happened. How can we do so while the death toll is over 70,000? It feels counter intuitive to rush people back to work. Don’t get me wrong, I do understand the reasons behind asking people to resume their daily tasks, the economy is at it’s worst and there is so much at risk here. However, I think we stand to lose much more if we precipitate the reintegration to normalcy if many things are not considered.

Gov. DeWine Addressing Ohioans

Gov. DeWine and Dr. Amy Acton are working tirelessly to put safety guards in place regarding slowly reopening the state.. They are well aware of the risks, so please see below some of the plans for the reopening of the state.



Gov. DeWine: “I’m looking now at recommendations from the Hospital Association, so movement forward on hospitals, letting them do more. They’re an essential part, not only of people’s healthcare, but an essential part of the community.”


Gov. DeWine: “We’re going to look for those businesses that can open and put in place the safety that is needed. Safety might include some reconfiguration. When we start moving toward retail, we’re going to move retail out again in a situation so people can be safe, the employees can be safe and the customers who come into retail will be able to safe. It’s not going to be done overnight.”


Gov. DeWine: “The real question does come down to can that be done safely? It’s very close contact by its nature, so that’s something we’re exploring. We’re exploring with the board that regulates those two professions. We hope to have more, but it is something I fully understand, and I understand that it is people’s desire to do it.You cannot stay six feet away and do that, so figuring out how that can be done in a safe way is something that has to be worked on.”

Dr. Acton: “Our understanding of all this is still evolving hour by hour. Each of these industries, this is where we begin to innovate. Every one of these industries is getting a hold of CDC guidance as it’s made available. … Now that we are all starting to understand this virus better, I think we’re going to see all these industries ways to make it as safe as possible.”

I know you are scared for your health and your love ones because I am, but this is our new normal and we have to learn to adapt to the situation. We should keep following the health officials’ guidelines and hopefully we won’t be part of the COVID-19 statistics.