Community Partner: LGBT Community Center of Greater Cleveland

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LGBT Community Center of Greater Cleveland

The Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) Community Center of Greater Cleveland aims to enrich the lives of the diverse LGBTQ+ community through advocacy, support, education, and celebration.

“The LGBT Community Center is a leading nonprofit organization that empowers Northeast Ohio’s LGBTQ community through advocacy, education, collaboration and celebration. The heart of the region’s LGBTQ community, The Center is a one-stop hub that provides opportunities and resources for everyone it serves.

The Center’s facility is a welcoming and visible space that brings the community together for resources, support, connections and programming. The Center serves as the public face and advocate for the LGBTQ community. Through leadership within the community, cultural competency training outside the community, media representation and collaborations, the organization aims to improve every Northeast Ohio resident’s quality of life.

In addition, The Center has the important role of social connector, hosting year-round gatherings, public events and cultural programs that unite, honor and celebrate the LGBTQ community.”

Representatives: Gulnar Feerasta & Devinity Jones

Affiliation: CBRN Members