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The Mommy And Me Initiative

The Mommy And Me Initiative offers assistance to women in Cleveland, Ohio as they go through pregnancy and childbirth.  The Partners for a Healthy Baby, a research-based curriculum is used to provide education during home-visits with the families to promote child development and family well-being. The program also educate, coach, and engage  families through hands-on-interactive sessions at home and on-site, through a variety of discussions including community-based participatory research on infant mortality, holistic approach, infant and adult mental health, nutrition, exercising, stress, breastfeeding, premature birth, folic acid, spiritual growth, prenatal care, infant development, role playing during each session, mocked interviews, resume building, assist with employment, and Empower pregnant women and their families to take control of their overall health that impacts their community. They assist with transportation to and from their prenatal appointments, Celebrate the babies’ first birthday, provide incentives, and have a graduation for the families upon completion of the program.

Representative: Kimberly Dudley, CHW

Affiliation: Think Tank Member