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Why a “Think Tank”?

As the Center kicks off it’s new NIH funded grant, there was an idea to shake things up by replacing the traditional Community Partnership Board with a smaller, more focused, Think Tank approach. Applications poured in and a selection committee chose the final group of 11 applicants, consisting of a diverse group of members with varying backgrounds, experiences, and community lenses.

The group hopes to understand the impact thoughtful and intentional dissemination methods can have on how the community understands and engages in research.  The group will focus on three core dissemination projects over the next year, using innovative and creative methods to reach community members who are often overlooked. Some participants will have the opportunity to work on a project that aligns with their work at their organizations.

With a focus on EQUITY, this consortium of researchers, practitioners, community organizations and residents will develop innovative ways to disseminate research findings to the community-at-large and inform core research projects!

The Think Tank is designed to:

  1. Advise on current and potential research projects and community partnerships.
  2. Identify optimal approaches to engaging individuals and institutions in Cleveland.
  3. Assist in developing innovative and engaging disseminating activities/platforms